Top Articles This Week: 9/1-9/7


Happy Saturday, readers!

Once again it’s time for my top articles this week in the medical community. Have another article that you’ve read and enjoyed this week? Post it here in the comments!

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Why Do People Walk or Talk in Their Sleep?


Sleepwalking (somnambulism) and sleeptalking (somniloquy) are very common conditions.

Growing up, my younger brother’s bedroom was next to mine. I remember like it was yesterday, walking down the hallway for a late night bathroom break and stopping to listen as my toddler brother spoke to friends in the playground or mumbled nonsense and who-knows-what while he was fast asleep.

Fast forward ten years and I am sitting in my friend’s college dorm listening to stories about her roommate who sits up and walks around in her sleep. Imagine waking up to that!

This begs the question, and it is one that I’ve heard many times before, why do people talk or walk in their sleep?

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Top Articles This Week: 8/25-8/31


Afternoon, folks!

I know what it’s like to have one of those weeks where it seems like you barely have time to blink, let alone keep up with the news. So, for your convenience and reading pleasure, here is our first-ever list of some of the top news articles in the medical world this week!

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Cooking for a Child with Type 1 Diabetes: Applesauce Pancakes!


When your child is living with type 1 diabetes, preparing foods can be a difficult process when trying to make the whole family’s bellies and palates happy. Luckily, there are plenty of diabetic-friendly recipes out there that are both easy and tasty!

Here is one of my favorites for breakfast: Applesauce Pancakes with sugar-free Maple Syrup! Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but pancakes are something your child can easily (and gladly!) be your sous-chef for!

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Welcome to The Desk of Dr. Smarty!


Welcome to The Desk of Dr. Smarty, a growing library of information dedicated to educating you and your family on the world of health and wellness! What can you expect to find here?

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