Great Recipes to Fool Your Picky Eater!


I remember being a kid sitting at the family table. Dinner had been freshly laid out in front of me, lovingly and expertly cooked by my mother. And yet, despite her hard work and (judging by my father’s full plate) delicious results, there I sat, pushing around my vegetables with my fork to try and make it look as though I had enthusiastically devoured them.

Kids will always be kids, and plenty are still doing this today!

Being a parent with a picky eater can be frustrating at times; when the veggies go untouched and nothing healthy seems to get their appetite going, you may start to run out of recipes (and your own hair to pull out). But don’t fret! Having a child who simply refuses to eat their vegetables is not the end of the world.

Try out some of these delicious recipes to see if you can sneak vegetables into your picky child’s diet!

  • Substitute potatoes with cauliflower in these Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes!
  • Who doesn’t love pizza! Throw some grilled veggies on your homemade pie for a healthy slice!
  • Smoothies should be every parent’s back-up plan for a picky eater. Try these smoothie recipes to sneak some delicious fruits and veggies into your child’s diet!
  • Most kids can’t get enough of chicken fingers and nuggets. Let your child enjoy one of their favorites in a healthier way with these homemade Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers!
  • Let’s be honest, when it comes to a dish that’s easy and delicious, nothing has more fans than good old fashioned PB&J. This great recipe takes a healthy approach to the classic sandwich that just about every kid (and adult!) loves.

Do you gave a link to a great picky-eater-friendly recipe, or one that has been successful for your child? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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