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Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India. The Sanskrit word for “union”, the practicing of yoga means the coming together of your body and mind, which is something children can benefit from at an early age.

While there are many aspects of the practice, there are two that form the foundation. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise, utilizing a series of asanas (poses) to build strength and flexibility. The practice also teaches the importance of breathing (pranayama) and using your breath to achieve inner peace and to refresh your body and mind.

Chakras: Energy Centers of the Body, Angeles Moreno, 2009
Chakras: Energy Centers of the Body, Angeles Moreno, 2009

For kids, yoga can do wonders. It teaches important lifestyle lessons that your child can grow with.

Yoga teaches us how to move more freely with our own bodies. Flexibility and strength are greatly improved, and gives us the feeling of awareness of our bodies.

Breathing deeply and evenly with yoga helps to bring inner peace and restorative energy to our bodies and minds. We also learn how to best utilize that energy and how to put it towards relaxation, motivation, and mindfulness. For children with excess energy, they will find an outlet through which they can use it, and learn to be still and calm.

Kids Yoga

The nature of balancing is also taught in the practice. Whether that balance is physical (for instance, stretching both the left and right sides of your body) or mental (balancing your busy time with your relaxing time), this stability is what many people who do not practice yoga struggle with.

Finally, it teaches us how have control over ourselves and how to live a healthy life. By practicing yoga, children learn how their bodies and minds work and how to take care of themselves.


Doing yoga with your child is a wonderful way to build a strong connection, as well as teach the importance of keeping your body healthy–it’s great exercise for parents, too! The growing popularity of “Mommy/Daddy-and-Me” yoga classes provides an encouraging outlet for beginners, and with practice, both you and your child can find healthy inner peace and exercise together at home.

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