5 Tips For Helping Your Child Fall Asleep


Bedtime: it can either go by like a dream, or feel like a nightmare. Kids will be kids, and while sometimes they are out as soon as their heads hit the pillow, every parent can name plenty of nights spent trying to convince their child to just go to sleep!

When the time comes to put your child to bed, try some of these tricks to make bedtime a breeze!

1. Routines are your best friend
Establishing a consistent bedtime routine for your child will make the process something to look forward to rather than dreaded. To start, before bed every night, spend a half hour with your child teaching them how to get ready–taking a bath, brushing their teeth and getting them dressed in pajamas that they picked out! The next step? We recommend reading your child’s favorite stories, talking about their favorite parts of the day… anything the keeps your child’s mind filled with pleasant thoughts while they lie in bed.

2. Just one word: Serenity
Think about it! When falling asleep, there is nothing better than being in a truly tranquil environment, one that soothes the mind and makes you feel at ease. Your child’s bedroom should embody serenity. A nightlight, sound machine, comfortable room temperature, surrounded by their favorite toys and soft pillows and blankets… can you think of anything more peaceful?

3. “That’s my favorite story!”
We always highly recommend reading with your child. It is a wonder when it comes to your child’s development, and who doesn’t love a good story? Even if it’s the same story every night, reading their favorites with them is a great way to wind down. Try making up a story with your child that you continue every night at bedtime! Before you know it, you will have your own fairy tale!

4. Schedule naptime with bedtime in mind
When scheduling your child’s naps for the day, keep in mind what time they will be going to sleep that night. Morning or early afternoon naps are great, but if your child takes a late afternoon nap, try and keep it between 1-2 hours. That way, your child will feel sleepy when it’s time for bed.

5. Snack the smart way
Sure, there are plenty of theories about foods that help with falling asleep, but the reality of it is that no foods can truly aid in sleeping. However, that doesn’t mean food can’t help with bedtime! Eating a small, healthy snack a few hours before bedtime will help curb any late night hunger pangs that might keep your child up.

Comment here and let us know if these tips have worked for you! Do you have any tricks that you swear by? Any that haven’t worked?

Here’s to sweet dreams!

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