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…and a Happy New Year!


With the new year comes a time of reflection. It is when we look back on the past 12 months and remember the ups and downs, the things to be thankful for and the things to avoid in the new year.

It seems like only yesterday Dr. Smarty was nothing more than a dream and a business plan. Now, with the support of those who believed in a far out and exciting plan, those who crafted our idea behind computer screens, and those who browse our pages every day, Dr. Smarty and his team of assistants are coming to life!

Truly there is nothing more inspiring, fulfilling and exciting than seeing something you’ve put so much heart into come to fruition. Here is to connecting the world and quenching the ever-present thirst for knowledge, in this upcoming year and beyond!

From the team behind DrSmarty.com to you, our sincerest and deepest thanks, and have a healthy and healthy new year!